Thursday, March 3, 2011

"TOURIST DAY" Jose Andres opens Jaleo @ The Cosmo

One of my new Vegas "must go" place!
Located on the third floor of The Cosmo, you can enjoy flavors of Spain and open atmosphere with delish tapas and yummy specialty cocktails!


4:30 – 7 PM, Sunday – Friday
$4 draft beer, wines and sangria by the glass
Plus $4 special tapas.

From Blogger Pictures
(Above) Espuma de avellanas y chocolate (Chocolate and hazelnut mousse torte)

(Above) The "centerpiece" that's located on the end of the table. I'm not sure if they are on all the tables, since we sat at the high ball tables in the front of the restaurant .

Great place for some great conversation. I mean c'mon, look at the background! Make for some dope pictures with friends! My dads wife Jeanette, joined Paul and I for dinner and cocktails. She drank the sangria (sangria fanatic) which she said was awesome!

(Above) I love the art on the wall behind the bar. I was staring at it all night! If you can see in the image, it's all tile!

(Above) I'm not quite sure if it was the pastry kitchen or just another kitchen, but don't you love how open it is!? I am a huge fan of any place where I can see food being prepared!

(Above) The Cosmo is the "GO TO PLACE" for locals! As I was in the middle of conversation, my girlfriend Sophia was walking by to meet a friend at Blue Ribbon next door! Another place on my list. You like sushi!? Go there!

(Above) If I wasn't such an honest soul, I would've put these cups in my bag!! I have now been on a search to find these glasses! (PS, Cosmo, if you are reading this, I was just kidding about snaking the glasses ;))

(Above) Where else have you seen a game room!? To the right is Jaleo... Down that narrow hall is the best NY style pizza in Vegas! And to the left, Blue Ribbon...

There is more to come from The Cosmo! You guys always ask me where to go and I am yet to be done with this place! You will be seeing more! Shopping, Decor, Casino, the club Marquee and some other places to dine! If you decide to stop by while you're in town, hit me up on twitter, I might have to stop by.... ;)



  1. My Husband and I go to Vegas all the time...we are wanting to try new places to eat but always stick to the same-o same-o. I'm really excited about these posts your doing :)

  2. Thanks for the feedback!! Cant wait for you to go!