Friday, March 25, 2011

DAY 2 of my 14 day cleanse

It's about 9:40am. Kids are at school and it's about 50 degrees outside. YUCK! Makes me just want to stay in bed and cuddle! I'm still in bed writing this blog..

So last night for dinner, we made Brown Rice pasta (Gluten Free-No wheat, No flour) and I made Cream of Mushroom soup, which I put organic chicken, mushrooms and broccoli in it. I was in the mood for creamy pasta and this just hit the spot! While Paul and I were making dinner, we each had a cup of tea.. Paul's choice was an organic green tea and my latest favorite is an organic ginger tea. Pretty spicy, but I put a teaspoon of sugar to take the edge off.

I just took my morning dose of the cleanse.. So did Paul. We will probably eat breakfast and go do some foot reflexology! Best Foot Spa is amazing! Right now for Yelpers, they offer 10% off! $34 for 60 min. Can't beat that with a stick!

Have a wonderful day ladies and gents! And please remind me to drink lots of water! I hate drinking water! LOL

OH, and P.S.......

This chick was wearing these super uncomfortable looking shoes in this habitat! WTF? Seriously? That's like wearing stilettos to Disneyland. Just because it's Vegas, doesn't mean you gotta be in your 5 inch heels and a tight little dress.

Thanks to her man, she had some help..

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  1. How are you feeling on this cleanse? Any detox symptoms at all?

  2. lmao! these shots are hilarious! only rissrose only rissrose. love you loca! xo

  3. Love you too beena!! And for your info... Mr. Bob was the one to take these! He was was capturing the real me when i see crap like that!! AHHAHA

  4. where did you buy you jacket? it reminded me of my old one that my mom in law burnt!!! well the fur part atleast. haha!

  5. It is nice to get a foot reflexology in between tiring work days. It calms the foot and helps ease pain. My podiatrists recommended it to me.