Thursday, March 24, 2011

14 day cleanse

I don't know what has gotten into me. I have gone into a little health nut zone. Not fully a health nut, (since I eat my deep fried pot stickers and Mexican food at 4am after work every week)but I guess it's getting into a healthier lifestyle so that I can eat what I want and make sure that it doesn't catch up with me. As I become older, I feel that I am not as energized as I once was. Not only that, my schedule is operating when most of us are asleep. "THEY SLEEP WE GRIND" As some of you may know, I work nights, getting off of work anywhere from 2-3am. Waking up with the kids for school at 8 am and either running errands during the day or finishing my sleep! With my eating crap all the time, I feel not as upbeat, maybe sluggish. But then again, I don't feel like I wake up till about 4pm and that's about the time I get ready for work. Pretty shitty huh? I have started to take my Women's 1 a day vitamin regularly and it helps.

I purchased this 14 day cleanse to help me jump start my new lifestyle. For 14 days, I am going to cut back on fried foods, soda and salt. I am a sucker for "crunch", diet coke and salty foods. I have also purchased some Organic Ginger tea and that helps the digestive system. Now I could have just increased my fiber intake along with Vitamin C and eat my veggies and fruits, but I think in 14 days, my research on what each pill does will increase and I will be able to find a nice balanced "vitamin/pill diet"

In all actuality, I truly believe that if you have a clear mind and are an expressive happy person, there is no such thing as depression, stress and crap like that. I'm telling you, it's the power of THE SECRET!

Here's what the box looks like...

The 3 bottles inside.. I purchased this cleanse from a Raw health store.. I'm pretty sure you can find a local store like this or call around to nutrition stores to see if they carry this..


I think we should all abide by most of these habits on a day to day basis..

I plan on doing some type of mini journal on the 14 days. What I ate, how I feel and what I have done to alter my everyday life. I am not doing this to lose any weight, I am doing this to cleanse the body. Naturally! I'm not in favor of the detox where you only live off teas or the spicy lemon drink! I think it's unhealthy. Damaging. Everyone needs the nutrients that foods give. I will be eating what I want, just saying no to the junk!

Today is day 1.. I already have organic chicken in my fridge!!

Also, Paul is doing another cleanse. A 30 day one. Concentrating more on the intestines. Made by the same company..

Much love guys! Let's be healthy together!



  1. for fiber i take Metamucil(sugar free) and pore it my water bottle..and Oolong tea(no sugar)i dont drink soda so im used to sugar free drinks 8)