Friday, February 25, 2011

"TOURIST DAY" Slidin Thru HQ

Everyday after I take the kids to school, I usually try and come home and SLEEP in peace and quiet!! Today I had to come home and get ready to run errands! TAX SEASON! I had to run to work, grab some papers and file.

OF COURSE, all I want to do is eat. Where do I go for breakfast!? NORDSTROM CAFE. Located at Nordstroms, top floor, Fashion Show Mall. It's one of the more local type malls even thou it's on the strip. Since I was on the strip, this was the best bet. My favorite thing about this cafe is that it has ORGANIC TEA! Even better is the freshly squeezed lemonade paired with it! When you order, you go along a buffet style counter. Order everything and then sit down to wait for you food in the dining room! YELP IT. You'll find more "must haves" from other locals. The breakfast sandwich was quite delish!

From Blogger Pictures

After breakfast, we headed down to file my taxes. Did that, then headed over to my favorite place. LUCKY TROPICAL FISH. I could spend all day in that place. I really needed to replace the bulb for my saltwater tank. My fishys were getting cold with no heat lamp! I love going there because they always have a great selection and they always help me out!! I've learned so much about what I already love! PS, they have 2 porcupine puffers right now and I'm SO TEMPTED to buy one!! They are too cute!


In Vegas we have had a FOOD TRUCK movement. I'm sure you see me all about Fukuburger. Fukuburger till I die mutha fuggah!! But truth is, there's at least 6 other trucks roaming around this desert. I tried Sloppi Joes (BOMBDIGGITY) SliderTruck and the SnowCone Truck. Well Slider Truck has now become HQ. Meaning they have found a place to be a restaurant! Las Vegas Weekly just did a spread on them, so the wonderful nosy local I am, I checked it out. Good thing is, they are open 24/7. It's location is kind of out of the way.

How dope is the "W"!? I was so shocked at all the Hip Hop crap they had up! But what I couldn't help to stare at was the grade they got on their Health Inspection. "B" I don't know about you guys, but that grosses me out. Supposedly they received the "B" because they wouldn't pull up their pants, but still. Have some respect for health code. Also, they had samples up for grabs with no type of utensils to grab them from the plate.. Do you know how much fecal matter could brought to that dish while people are grabbing for it!?

If I hadn't seen the grade and the poop fest for samples, I would've enjoyed my sliders. They are pretty good to be honest. I was really happy with the bottled Coke! I knew that was going to be great! LOL This was us waiting for what seemed like and hour for our first time "in-house" sliders.

Oh Vegas, you are so full of sin..

I love giving my opinion.. hope some of these posts on Vegas is helping. More to come! I really enjoy posting these!



  1. Thank you for these posts Rissrose, at least I have some guidance when I visit Vegas and don't miss some good spots

  2. Loving the Tourist Day posts. A group of friends and I are going to be in Vegas for a wedding. I've been forwarding your posts to the bride to help her plan. :)