Tuesday, February 1, 2011

The past couple days..

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I got to do some make up the other day for a photo shoot. A girlfriend of mine had me come over and do make up for her daughter who was doing her first shoot! Daughter is such a beauty, it made my job so easy!

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Photo by: Dean Aaron
MUA: Marissa Castillo
Model: Taylor Smith

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Since it's been so windy and crappy outside, I have been wearing my glasses. Well, that's not fully the reason... I ran out of contacts and have been to lazy to get some more.. Its just too cold outside to even move! I really DISLIKE IT! BRRRRRR! Wearing my glasses give my eyes a chance to breathe! I wear contacts all the time and my eyes get so dried out! When allergy season comes, FORGET IT! Contacts just jack my eyes up and it's hard for me to wear make up. A girl has to wear make up! Well at least some....

It's about 11:30pm here in Vegas and I need some shut eye. This girl needs sleep when she can get it! I could sleep 12 hours if I could.. PS.. I have been leaking some of my formspring questions onto my blog.. I thought that they were pretty good questions to answer.. I get a lot of repeat questions.. Tell me what you think..


  1. i love the look with the glasses very sophisticated if u ask me :p keep the formspring questions coming!!

  2. so you like the formspring questions!! Awesome!! thank you for the feedback!!

    HI meli!! Love you!