Wednesday, February 2, 2011

I'm really intrested in knowing what your diet is like? do you eat several times a day or more like breakfast, lunch, dinner, and are there certin foods you eat all the time?

HI!! Well in the morning I have my coffee!! I go to sleep around 4 which is after work and have to be up by 8 to get the kids ready for school! I wont drink coffee till after they have gone to school and I come back and usually go BACK TO SLEEP! When I wake up, depending on what I scheduled, I have my coffee. i also drink a DAN ACTIVE one a day drink thing.. In vanilla ;P I snack a lot and also try to stay away from soda.. I drink diet or gingerale. Also Wheat bread, I love my carbs!! but I will try and sub as much as I can! Any more specific questions? or did I answer it?

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