Saturday, January 8, 2011


The product above is like the mixing medium from MAC. I think THIS product was OK. I found that it made my pigment chunky and not go on evenly. I'm pretty sure I can find a way to use it.. Perhaps I will use it with glitter next time and make eyeliner..

#84 pigment swatch. I thought this was so delish when I saw it in the store. I still loved it after wearing it!! Swatch was done without the mixing medium.. still came out great!

Pigment on the left (above) and glitter on the right (above)

I had to hold back in this department!! I actually don't wear lashes like I used to, but I just love having them in my make up drawer! If you get a chance just go to the website or go into a store if you haven't! The selection of fun lashes could definitely leave you broke! Lashes there cost $12.

Yes I have branched out... I went out and finally purchased product from INGLOT. The store that I went to is located in Town Square... I'm always in the Apple store, and INGLOT is right next store... I always went by this store and never went in.. I have seen these lashes before, but have never seen the product! I was pretty impressed with it!! It is a couple bucks cheaper than MAC, which now a days a couple bucks to help all of our OBSESSION with make up helps!! LOL

The product is originally from Poland I believe and all the packaging is done by the company which is why they are able to keep their prices down. Its kind of confusing to go by all the numbers, but I guess that's what works for them.. the loose pigment that I purchased is called,#84!? Eh, get used to it right!?

When I went to swatch the eye shadows, I couldn't pick which one to dive into first! So many colors and bright! Natural colors as well too!! I think it was $42 bucks for a whole palette of shadows. Pretty cheap in my eyes! I did find that INGLOT eye shadows could potentially have some major fall out. But that is why we do our eye make up first.... RIGHT!?!?!!? (you should all be nodding your heads "YES")

ALL in ALL I was pleased with the product. I am trying my best to try and stay away from that store, I can rarely say NO to new make up ;)


  1. I loveee Inglot.. their lashes are outa control and the shadows are so pigmented!

  2. Those Products look great! wish we had one here in Chicago!!!