Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Damn you KIM K


Yes I have issues with my hair.. and I always go to celebrity gals to go to a new do! and Kim K is realllllly making this hard for me.... I miss my bangs. But now that they are finally grown out, I hate thinking that I would have to grow them allllll out again!

Then there is the blond.. Right before she did this look, my sister had done that to my hair a week prior. BUT THE GROW OUT WAS SO AWFUL! I am not the type of girl that keeps up on root touch up and crap like that! But well worth it I guess..

WHAT SHOULD I DO? I guess I am just venting.. we will see what happens in the near future with this hair of mine!

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Be creative.. it puts the soul into overdrive..

Homemade Christmas ornaments..

Last year I had made similar ornaments.. Each green balls with glitter puff paint with the name and year on it.. this year I decided to do it a little different. Since my tree this year doesn't have the theme of lime green and gold, I went with colors! More ornaments that were personal.. My loves and likes and things that described myself and my family lifestyle. Decorating ornaments will definitely be a tradition for my family every year..

Alexis loves pink!

Jose went with the black feathers inside with some confetti.

Dezirae is a bit more all over the place. This one fits her perfect!

...and here is mine! I just went crazy too. Glued jewels and stuck confetti in it as well. Oh and I found some of those furry wires and put them in there too.. I know my "2" looks like a "Z" but you pick up what I'm puttin down, right!?

How cute is this guy!? A puffer fish! I have 2... So I bought it to rep my baby puffers. I really want a dog face puffer.. ::crossing fingers::

I hit up World Market the other day.. I found 2 for $12 ornaments. Couldn't pass up the Mariposas... duh....

And my favorite one of all.. Ugh I just love her. My grandmother loved her so much. (Emma) I love everything about the statues, pictures and objects that are of her..

I wanted this post to be about starting new traditions and being creative and unique with them. Homemade things are the most precious keepsakes! I know a lot of my readers have children and this is perfect for you moms! Being creative inspires my outlook in life, make me a happier person. I would also help with the holiday stress!! I feel like a ticking time bomb around this time of year. Its tough. Kids bday and Christmas a week after.

Thanks for reading..


Monday, December 20, 2010

Holiday Christmas Parties!

Hello Dahhhling....
Here is the only long shot I got of my dress.. Its a long navy blue Cache dress that just made me feel like I was on the red carpet! (I wish) Plunging neck line and bunched up form fitting to the knee caps.. I attend this Christmas party almost every year for a couple years now. A very close friend of my grandmothers since the old Vegas days.. They both remind me of women from the movie CASINO... Love the dress? I wish I had more places to go in it!

Lexi and the monkey! The party is always so kid friendly. They always have a Santa and a princess painting the faces of the kids!

Here's Dez in her holiday outfit! Posting this blog is kinda nuts, the day before this picture, they had just turned 7 years old... Do you remember them from my first videos!? Such babies they were!

Mommies turn!! Here is my look. With such a Hollywood glam dress, I had to make my make up match. Of course.. Ruby woo lipstick!! Not too heavy on the eyes, just a little thicker on the liner and I popped some Deep Truth eyeshadow in the outer corner with some Carbon eyeshadow to deepen it..

Now for the hair... I had my hair in hot rollers of course. Its the only way I know how to do my hair! Instead of my infamous flip and spray, I brushed the curls and chunked my hair into pieces... "designing my curls" if you may... I took one bobby pin and slicked back one side. Kept the accessories to a minimum with some diamond studs.. SIMPLICITY LADIES, your beautiful smile should be your main attraction. No respectable man wants to take you home to mama when you lookin like a HOOOCHIE.

Deep Truth eyeshadow by MAC

I love Ruby Woo lipstick. I actually went to google a picture of the lipstick itself and look what I found, a pic of RISSROSE2! haha

If you are not familiar with Ruby Woo, it is a matte lipstick. When I know I'm going to wear it, I always make sure that moisturizer is put on my lips before I start my make up. I find that my lips will not get that chapped look!

And there you go.... I believe that Christmas parties are those occasions where you want to look Timeless. Classic. GlamourFantastic.
I suppose its a matter of opinion, but I'm sure you are reading this because you give a f*ck what I have to say. HAHA! Happy Holidays!


Saturday, December 18, 2010

Stop the press...

So here is the story...
Jose and I were talking about doing a blog sale on some goodies that he and I have. Then we started talking about things such as twitter and my youtube and how I have lost so much touch with you guys. Truth is I have. I was so connected with you all and you all knew everything about me. YOU all were so close to me. I think the first 10,000 subbies I got were the closest. Ustreams and videos were on a regular. My ustreams brought us all together and we had some of the most interesting convos. I've cried and laughed and have found out how to learn and listen to each and everyone of you that used to attend every single time. I think I have helped more girls and young moms than I have ever known in my life.

Ever since I had started work full time (2 years ago) and jumped into a relationship (2 years ago) I have disconnected myself. Yes I had a new life, but does not give me a reason to leave the community I had well established myself in and had gained so much of your guys trust.

The story is, I have lost touch. It smacked me in the face today when Jose and I were chatting. He basically told me I do have time for my blog and I do have time to reconnect with the girls that I had so much in common with. Everyone gets a little lost sometimes. I was the one who gave you all encouragement and told you all to never settle. I did so and now I will be taking my own advice. I cant wait to share my life with people who care, again.

In the end, can I just say that I wish you all had a Jose. He has always been supportive and very happy for me! Its nice to have someone know and pay attention to your feelings and your attitude... Women need to be heard thru emotion EVEN THOU WE ARE MORE VERBAL. Jose, you are my best friend and I am so happy to have you live with me here in Vegas. Girls, if you come to Vegas, make sure to go see him at MAC PRO inside the Forum Shops at Caesar's Palace!


see you girls soon.


Friday, December 17, 2010

Just a little somthin somethin..

AS you all know I am a girl who loves the REPEAT BUTTON. Ive heard this song here and there and of course a friend of mine has this song as SONG OF THE MONTH. LOL Getting ready for work, in the car and even when Im cleaning house. The song is so damn catchy and fun! This Mike Posner boy from Detroit, he's gay right!? Or is he just really fem? Joser and I question this one... ;)

And tomorrow is the girls birthday and the week after is Christmas. I've been super busy and stressed out to say the least. Im sure we all are going thru some stress and pressure. Also, Joser has moved to Vegas with me! He's my new roomie! Im sure you can imagine how nice it is to have someone you've missed and been close with even long distance, be so close!

This was us the other night at the opening of The Cosmopolitan. We were in the club called Marquee in this picture. Very snazzy and fun inside! The whole casino/club/hotel had a fresh and upbeat feel. Vegas has a new spot to hang out for me!

Im doing well aside of everything else. Thank you for those who check up on me to make sure I am still alive!! ;) Im alive and well... You guys know me, I have a very short attention span.