Tuesday, October 26, 2010


One of the many times that I took the subway!

A little taste of some of the fashion I saw walking around. I was inspired! I wanted to take a picture of everything!! But I know what its like to be around tourist.. (Hello! I live in Las Vegas) and they always get in the way!! So I snapped pics as quickly as possible!

Chinatown, NY

Tortilla Flats in Manhattan. This is the first thing that you see when you walk in. I love her.
Meat packing district

My most TOURIST-E picture!

Some sausage, but the chorizo taco from Fatty Crab was bomb!

Limelight. Dope shopping inside. It used to be a nightclub back in the day!


Never before have I been to New York. For those of you who have followed me since the beginning, know that NYC has always been a dream of mine! Riding the subway, getting in a NY taxi cab, NY pizza and such. Trying new things is such an inspiring feeling! I always like to do something for myself just so I can say "I did that!" Going on this trip is a big check mark on my to do before I die list... So little time in New York, but I think that I covered so much space, that I am still in recovery mode!!

Thank you everyone for your support! I know that I do not make videos anymore! Opportunities pop up, just like this one! I am such an "all over the board" type of girl and I lose concentration. (Maybe that's why you might like my videos....LOL) Until the next video, twitter and blogging is my easiest networking GO TO!

Peace, love and LIP GLOSS

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Be loved just the way you are...

If you have a man, this is the song that tells you what you deserve thru his eyes. Does he tell you how beautiful you are EVERYDAY!? We don't ask if we look "OK" cause we aren't sure, we ask because we want to know what we look like thru his eyes. Women love nothing more than to feel beautiful and like to know they are the only one in THEIR mans life. This much is true..

This song, my friends, sets the bar at the minimum.

Never sell yourself short. (Bruno Mars is a whopping 5'2") He is out there mama. Have patience. When you find him, this will be your song.. and you will dance.

One day, if not today or tomorrow.