Tuesday, August 24, 2010

What a LUCKY girl...

'Isn't it amazing how somethings completely turn around.....'

This song is so old. Straight classic. I used to be on the other side of this song. But tonight, I found that this song was directed to me. I found a new found glory with this song and after this song was finally "my song", I found peace in my heart.

I got a tattoo today. Japanese symbol for "lucky" Can I just say that people pop up out of no where to help realize what you are really worth. My eyes are now open.

Question: "What or who has inspired you lately?"

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Oh Snap. It's Fukuburger.

WestSideWednesdays. And guess who was the WSW girl that day??

My newest hang out spot. With a catchy phrase of "8 till late" Fukuburger is killin it with yummy grubb! The picture above is of me and my very good friend Colin. (Co-Owner of fukuburger) When RissRose was only 17, she had a pleasure of meeting this awesome individual. He was actually my manager when I used to host at PF Changs. Seems like so long ago. ANYWHO...

If you ever come to Vegas, this must be on your TO DO LIST!

Open 8 till late, this place is poppin! To find its location, follow them on twitter! Usually they are in Chinatown here in Vegas... I think I've been 3 times in the past week. When you go, it's like a tailgate party. People playing music, hip hop heads with the sickest kick game!! Lawn chairs and bucket seats in full effect. I went by myself the other day and made friends instantly. And how perfect to go eat fukuburger in the after hours!? After you done tearing up the dance floor and partying in Vegas, grab some grubb. You know burger and fries sound soooo yummy after drinking the night away. ;)

My favorite is the #3. Dont ask, just get it. And for dessert, shaved ice! And when you see Colin, tell him Rissrose sent you!!

Click the website for menu and twitter link!

Saturday, August 21, 2010


Is it just me or does 112 do it for you everytime? The words...Pssshhh, forget about it. I am such a sucker for R&B slow jams. Thanks to my mom, when I was little, she played music loud such as: Jodeci, Boys 2 Men, Bobby Brown, Shai, Mint Condition, New Edition... the list goes on and on. There are very few groups that have gotten to my core since the 90's, 112 will be one of them... This cut was on point and will always be. I just saw this video for the first time. THANK THE HEAVENS FOR YOUTUBE. MTV has sucked since they stopped playing videos. Seriously this song makes me like, "DAYUUUUUUM!!" When I'm driving I got my dancing face on and the head/body groove is like "OH YEA!" I find that listening to 112 while I'm getting ready for work, makes my make up a little more sexy and fierce. I SWEAR! Music, it does it for me. Makes me think... Made Stevie Wonder. Budump bump! (joke) HAHHAHAHAHAHA

I post a lot of videos, I guess it's because I find words come out better vs. when I try to say them. Songs are poems. I love it. Music hits you hard when it speaks to you.

...Now I'm off to get ready for work. Gonna be dancing in front of the mirror too. don't lie, you know you do it too. ;)

"One thing 'bout music, when it hits, you feel no pain" -Dead Prez

Vegas Visions Studios....

Wow. I have become so used to being behind the camera and doing make up, that it was so much fun to get in front and be the model again. I used to get in front of that damn camera every chance I could, but started to get more interested on what happens on the other side! If you haven't heard, I've picked up the camera myself and have done a couple photo shoots! Which all thanks go to VVS and Bobby Deal.

VVS holds workshops usually once a week. Its a place that you can find me doing make up or attending these workshops. The workshops offer professional models and make up artist. Not to mention an awesome studio where the imagination can run wild! You can even hit up Bobby Deal and have him take your picture. Whether it's for your own personal keepsake or for professional use.

No matter what age I am, I will always feel comfortable in my own skin. I do have insecurities with my body, but its MY BODY. The stretch marks and what not are MY WAR WOUNDS. I kinda fuss about them, but in the end, I wouldn't exchange them for anything. THAT IS WHY WE HAVE PHOTOSHOP! Don't let VANITY get in the way of your being carefree and ALIVE. Trust me, after having twins, I do not look like a perfect 10 model. You can still be sexy and beautiful without taking off your clothes.

There aren't any photographers that I trust enough to do photo shoots like this with. That is why I have Bobby take my photos. I feel comfortable and I don't feel like he is one of those creepy, perverted guys who take pictures just to look at girls.

For those of you that are inspiring Make Up Artist, how exciting!! If you haven't already started taking pictures of your work, START NOW! Simple face shots with a digital camera are just enough. You are starting off, not everyone can afford professional shots! Or you can try and find a photographer on craigslist (but be careful) that is looking for a make up artist that is willing to give you a couple edited images so you can print. Its called "TFP" Trade For Print. Basically working for free. But not really. As a make up artist, you should have a "KIT FEE" Mine used to be as minimal as $20. "KIT FEE" are given because you are a make up artist. You use product that costs money... You have to replenish that kit every so often.. hence, "KIT FEE". Now when you are more established, don't be afraid to bump up your prices! Keep the bar raised for all of us artist!! Charging cheap just downgrades us. Ya feel me!?

Everyone has to start somewhere. You gotta pay the cost to be the boss.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

is it possible....

So when I first heard this song I was like, "ehhh its plays too much" Im not really the girl that knows all the words to every song.. But then I went to a Neyo concert and he did this number where he sang all the songs that he ever wrote. AND THIS SONG WAS ONE OF THEM! I was like "WHAAAAAAAAA!?" and when he was singing, I heard the words and actually listened to the song later that night. Why are the words so TRUE?? There is always that BUG A BOO.

Now, this does not only go out to all my readers who have THAT GUY be controlling, but also to my readers that can possibly be this person too. First of all, why would you want to be in a relationship to where you had to always be up on someones nuts. Knowing what they are doing, calling them every 5 minutes. Are you really that insecure? Now granted if you are like me, I like to know where my partner is and where he is going. Its common courtesy right? I don't wanna be at the mall and run into him like, "Hey? I thought you were at home?" or see him eating out with a friend and be like, "ummmm what....?" Right!? Anyway, back to the point. Now, if someone is treating you right, you really aren't looking for anyone else, UNLESS you are that scandalous person that ruins it for the rest of us. Having multiple partners are some peoples "thing" but that is not the point here... actually kinda is... is the partner being a BUG A BOO because they have some hang up with a past relationship? Were they cheated on before so now they think they have to always be on your ass? Or do they have some type of "abandonment" issue where they have had a loved one leave them? (Friend, Mom, DAD or family memeber?) All evaluations you must do before letting your relationship get any further. Don't let your past relationships or your partners past relationships carry on over. Which leads me to this song...

Now however this translates to you, is pretty much directed to you or your partner. Not only do I loooooove this track, I also have had some connections with it in my past. Only because at one point, I thought (after I left the girls dad) there was never going to be a man that would accept children that werent his own. BUT I WAS WRONG. I met my ex Jaime and he loved my kids like they were his own. Now, me assuming and holding on to the thought that there wasn't anyone out there, was me being a BAG LADY. Carrying my bags from my past to my future. Never again did I think like that, cause in reality, a man would be stupid to not accept my children. They are god's work and gifts that were given to me. The girls and I are one whole package.

Ya know, never in a million years did I ever think that I would write about relationships. But I've been touched by a lot of you and have seen the other side of things with your emails... The heartbreak, the issues and what not. I just want everyone to be happy. Whether its alone or with a partner. Bottom line, everyone deserves the best.

"Soul mates are like shoes. There will be different colors, designs and height, but only one size that fits you." -RissRose

In other words, I believe that there isn't just that one person that is made for you, you like variety, right? There are several compatible, but only one will take you to that place where everything seems like a dream, "laa laa land"

Thank you for reading... I think I need a drink now. I can't believe this all just came out of me. I love you all.