Tuesday, July 27, 2010


I just love this girl! I follow her on twitter and she is really full of life. Her videos are cute too. Unlike myself, this girl explains and gives full detail in her videos! Very helpful!

I follow Relationship101 on twitter. Its actually nice to read their tweets. Whether you are in a relationship or not, it keeps you on your toes. Follow them. They give great advice.

So when I asked everyone on twitter who they loved watching on youtube, I got "JlovesMac1" When I went to watch her videos, I was laughing immediately!

Of course we have Nick (Soundlyawake). He's just awesome. I love him. If you watch one of his videos Im pretty sure you will just be addicted. I posted this video because Im in it. dope. Subscribe to him on youtube and follow him on twitter!!

I know I am missing a million and one people! These are just my picks and I picked one of yours! Promoting each other is awesome. I love that you all voice your opinions about them too. I will do another blog like this. Especially if you bring certain people to my attention! Sometimes we all don't stumble across the same people, so its nice to get a heads up ;)

Much love.

Monday, July 26, 2010


Yes I know that all of you have been dying for a tutorial, but its almost like I have no ideas for one! Ive showed you all what you need to know. I need more material i feel. Suggestions? Email me. I love you so much. Mean it ;)

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Hibiscus Tote Giveaway!

RissRose and JulieG. Rockin my Big Buddah!

Dez loves her mamas bag!

I'm pretty sure that Lexi would use this bag if it fit her! LOL

I just love the shine!

If you want to win this bag, click here!
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Good luck, and tell me how you love it!!!

Thursday, July 15, 2010

To all my "Relationship" emails....

To be quite honest I dont know what this post will be about. Life, lets just say. I have been reading a lot of my emails and even formspring.... I must say, some of your guys' formspring questions are kinda depressing. Asking me for help about overcoming emotional battles and what not. Even emails of how to get over a certain someone. Please note that I am so happy that you would come to me for my opinion or even seek advice from me!!

GIRLS!! YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL!! And somewhere in there is an AMAZING SOMETHING! Trust me, God does not have you on this earth for nothing. You are made to do something great! Please do not let anyone tell you differently. I love myself so very much. Call it what you want, but I KNOW that I deserve the very best and that is why I am so confident!! I will NEVER SETTLE. I always get questions that ask me how I got to be like that and I guess the answer is.....Well, I don't know. What I DO KNOW is that I am always around people that make me smile. People that wanna know about me or really wanna know how my day was. I also know that my daughters deserve the best. And if the man I am with or chose to be with is anything less than amazing, he isn't going to make it far with me. I know that I give my all when it comes to my children and I do not expect anything less from a man I've chosen. I want my daughters to know that they do not need a man in their life to get far.... Am I making any sense right now?? If a man treats me with respect, I want that to be an example of what my daughters need to go for when they chose a partner.

Now what is it about this that makes it so hard. Well let me tell you. Say your partner cheats on you. Obviously you are in love with this person or else it wouldn't hurt so bad, right!? WRONG!! Yes its going to hurt. HURT REALLLLY BAD, but you have to UNDERSTAND that you CANNOT SETTLE! YOU ARE AMAZING! Now maybe in this relationship you weren't yourself. Mad, Irritated and always paranoid. LIGHTS SHOULD BE FLASHING LIKE A LAS VEGAS SIGN! ITS NOT A HAPPY RELATIONSHIP! If someone is going to cheat, then they are just a coward anyway. Not owning up to their actions. They obviously didn't care if you were going to get hurt! You should just let that person go and feel sorry for them. Feel sorry for them because they couldnt have balls to be alone incase it didn't work with the other person. FEEL ME!? Either way, let it go. People don't stop those habits. People with low self esteem always tend to take the cheaters back. Please, don't do that to yourself. Even if you have kids, don't teach them that it's ok. Because it's not.

This one is always a tough one. Im sitting here tapping my fingers on the keys thinking about how I want to put this without sounding like I have a black heart. But I have been told that I do and I guess its true. (Sometimes) I actually don't really care if I hurt someone's feelings because I know that mine are more important! I have to be happy with myself and happy with my life before I can make anyone elses life the same, RIGHT!? So my past relationships, I have just fallen out of love. Did I mean to!? Of course not. I have always been in long term relationships in hopes of being with that person for forever. That is the whole point right!? Well, life will throw you some curve balls and sometimes it shuts me down and I get a big smack in the face and realize this person is not for me. First time that I fell out of love and thought, "wow, I picked a complete loser. What the hell what I thinking!?" Some time went by, tried to suck it up for the kids, but finally realized that I HAVE TO BE HAPPY! I will not make anyone else happy if I'm unhappy!! THATS WHY YOU DO YOU!! (Even if its the baby daddy)

I can see where it would really be hurtful to another person. I've had to break some news and its not fun to do. I suggest you don't tell someone you are not in love with them when you are on your "monthly" girls!! Too much emotions!! You are obviously going to continue to care about this person, but you cannot lead them on. Also, its bad karma! Sometimes they take the bad news with a grain of salt or sometimes they never want to talk with you ever again. People have their own ways of dealing with it, so just let them be.

"Breaking up with someone you love is always hard, but what's rewarding, is knowing they weren't right for you, and willingly take on the suffer and hurt from moving on" -RissRose

Relationships tend to get comfortable. Don't wait till the water runs dry.

There is so much more that I want to say. But I think this is enough for now. Everything I said is simply my opinion, my way of doing things and my way of looking at it. I am writing this because I have been getting a lot of emails on this subject and have seen a lot of break-ups happen lately. It inspired me to write. As I get older, I start to think that men are just totally different than women. But thats what we love about them. For the ladies that do have a man, I hope that he tells you that you are beautiful everyday. Because just like that, another man can sweep you off your feet. Every girl wants to feel pretty! I know thats why you follow me! I LOVE MAKE UP and it makes us feel PRETTY!! Don't let anyone love you more than you love yourself.