Friday, May 14, 2010

Just some everyday life..

This picture is perfect! I always get the question about my tattoos on my inner elbow area. Paul took this while i was driving. The tattoo is of an "A" and the other side is of a "D". Get it? Alexis and Dezirae.

This is a great picture too. To prove my point that I go out in public without make up too. I'll wear just some mascara and some moisturizer with some chapstick or gloss. My hair is not even done! Some of my viewers think I leave the house looking like a freakin DIVA. Please know, that I am human. I am also very comfortable in my own skin.

Mommy got everyone in some new kicks the other day. I swear, I'm doing this to myself. Paul has a major love for Nikes now. And TODAY Dezirae asked me to buy her another pair! LOL PSSSSSHHH. I love out little sneaker fetish thou..

Late night dining in Vegas. Tao, located at the Venetian hotel. Kinda pricey, but its a cool kick it spot. Sushi and Asian inspired dishes. Very loud and upbeat. This place also turns into a nightclub @ 10pm. I don't know if Paul and I will be eating there again.... he threw up all the next day. Sorry Tao....

Every relationship needs a date night. We chose to go out on the strip, but the next day when Paul was sick, we had movie night. We realized it was much better than being alllll up and out! (Dont get me wrong, I love being out on the town, but quality time alone is healthy and much more intimate. Paul and I do not have the same days off, so its rough)

This was the wall that we sat next to at Tao. It was a bunch of pipes. Very cool. Looks like something I would put in my house...

Now this is something a local never does in Vegas. DRIVE DOWN THE STRIP! LOL But it was pretty nice. I see this everyday and have to drive down a small part of it to get to work... But I can see why people are so amazed. But damn this blvd. is a b*tch to drive down... and NO it is NOT cool to drive down it as a tourist and yell like an idiot out the window or out the sunroof. DONT DO IT! YOU LOOK LIKE STUPID. LOL Some people just cant handle Vegas. SMH

So I hope you liked this random post. Got to know a little about me and the city that I live in. I really appreciate all the feedback! And the formspring questions, HAHAHHA some of you are nuts AND I LIKE IT! Much love, peace and of course, HIP HOP.

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Prom Make up...

So the other day my girlfriend from work calls me up and asks for a favor. LAST MINUTE PROM MAKE UP! I seriously love it!! Prom is so formal, but yet of a pretty princess! Glitter! Pizzazzz!!! Shimmer! False lashes!!! Im alllllll about it!! Doing this make up made me WISH that I could go back to my PROM!! OH TO BE YOUNG AND DUMB! (dumb in a good way LOL)

So for this look.. I used a pigment called coppercast. It kinda goes on the eye nude, but looks like a muddy purple in the jar. Its just super shimmery and delish! In her crease I used Cork first then darkened with brown down. Then ofcourse in the outer corner, I went in with Carbon. I didnt bother to line Ally's waterline with any eyeliner, because I wanted to keep her eyes big and bright! Lining the waterline with a shimmery purple or brown would have been OK thou.. I took the coppercast pigment to the lower lash line all the way to her inner corner. Lining the outer corner with brown down and carbon. Popped on some lashes and VIOLA! Well actually I lied... after the lashes, I took a step back and looked at my finish product. I wasn't all the way happy. I wanted her inner lid to be brighter. So I took Shroom and put it over the Coppercast pigment and put some Shroom in her brow highlight. PERFECTO!

For Ally's lips I used just a lipgloss that had super shine. Something that had a latte colored tint. Her cheeks were kissed with bronzer and a hint of Feeling blush from MAC.

I hope you all enjoyed my look. LAAAAAAAV it!

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Photoshoots on site.

This was the final product. What a great day.

Downtown Las Vegas has the most awesome stuff. I should have been assisting with the shoot, but things like this kept catching my eye!
Everyone meet Bobby Deal and his wife Gigi. 2 individuals that have made my dreams come true. Bobby is the photographer that has been leading my workshops. He had invited me to assist on this special project and I learned so much....
I didnt know that there were so many rules and directions!! I thought it was just "Walk" and "Dont walk" HAHAHA

Homeless people were walking around in the background..

See the stripper sign? HAHAHA Good ol Vegas. Downtown Vegas.

Once again I am blogging about photoshoots. I cant help it. I just want to spend all my money on photography gear! Going on site with a photoshoot in downtown Las Vegas just inspired me more! Being in the studio is so much fun, but this is like the cherry on top.

I was so honored when Bobby asked me to come along. I learned the "bitch" part of photoshoots. I learned how to take apart the equipment and put it together. How to set the lights to the different channels and how light reflects. Interesting stuff. This is the stuff that you really have to pay attention to. Its like product knowledge with make up.

I love taking behind the scene pictures... I think I was twittering some pics while I was on this shoot. I always love seeing behind the scenes of Kim Kardashian shoots or shoots from high fashion magazines. Its seems so surreal. Once again I'm so glad to share this with you all.

BTW. I am so happy with the feedback and the comments that I have been receiving. This blog has a lot of thought put into it. My words, my thoughts. Not your ordinary beauty blog. Sometimes just posting pictures and seeing the final product is not enough. You have to see the beauty of the beholder. Hearing me out can give you an insight of me and my beauty inside. Everyone has a side of a story. What's yours?

Monday, May 3, 2010

Meet my family.

This was taken at THE GRAPE located in Town Square. Nice little lounge with a patio. Live bands at night. Well on Tuesdays for sure. (Thats the night we were there)

The shot above is from the balcony at Blue Martini also located in Town Square. 4pm-8pm is happy hour. :)

Everyone, meet my dad. What a big 'ol Mexican he is. He stands 6'5".
Also in the picture above is my sister Jessie. (Her mom married my dad)

A little RissRose for ya.. ;)

Its was my dad's anniversary last week! 8 years. So of course we all got together. My sister and her husband came. It was a blast. I guess when you get older and you drink with your parents, it becomes like you are equals, or more on a friend level. Right? This post has nothing to do with make up or anything artistic, but its about family. Life. (And a few hot spots to go when you are in Vegas lol) Anyway, it was crazy to celebrate an 8 year anniversary. I was 17 or 18 when they married. Nuts. I guess when a couple that is later in their lives, the marriage is more likely to last. Older couples have gone thru the "party stage" "growth spurts" and have experienced more in life to know exactly what they want. What they don't want and how to be mature enough to handle certain situations. All of this is my opinion of course and not for one second am I doubting young couples that are married. (Don't forget that I got married when I had just turned 20.) But what a mistake that was. I wish I would have not gone as far as married, but just had my kids. Because that is the one thing that I can be thankful for. Any mommy will tell you that. Baby daddy's are thanked for their sperm and that's it. (IN MY CASE)

Am I really writing about relationships?? I don't consider myself a doctor or a whizz in this subject, but if I could just tell you the emails that I get on advice about relationships! I live and learn. I swore after my last relationship I wasn't going to date. I was on my "MISS INDEPENDENT" roll. But no, when you aren't lookin, that's when it finds you. Its like you cant go around it. But that is when its the best right!? Oh I don't know, I suppose I should stop before I get too deep. LOL Being in love is always so wonderful, but just remember that it makes you blind.... I cant help it, i love that it does that. I am a strong and stubborn enough girl to only let it get past the first few layers of skin.

BTW. Did you love the sound effects in my last video?

My latest photoshoot.

The top shelf of my trunk.

Model: DJ Dez

My myspace picture! LOL

Model: LaRue

I love Make up shots!

I am so excited to share these with you all! I cant tell you how much photography makes me happy! (as you can see, most of my blog post are about my photoshoots vs. make up. You dont mind do you? ;))

This workshop really taught me a lot. It was working with more of a curvy model. How to pose them, how to really bring out the curves. This workshop actually applied to most girls, lets face it, not all girls are 5' 10" with a model body! Anywho, I loved working with these girls. Both really outgoing and easy to work with. I didnt realize how many different aspects there are in a photoshoot. Im used to just doing the make up and touching up in between. Being a photographer, you have to watch for non flattering poses, "Bring your chin up" "Bring your shoulder around", its tough!!! So a new respect goes out to all aspiring photographers and ofcourse to all the professionals!

MUA: Marissa Castillo