Monday, April 26, 2010

My Favorite Vegas Club!

My favorite asian fusion grub, Wazuzu @ Encore.

Rissrose on her 26th Bday.


Ne-yo is always at XS :)

I am always getting tweets, comments, emails, and suggestions to places to go to while in Vegas. Here is the answer I give every time... "COME TO XS" Really guys, its so nice and its huge! It opens up to outside, which means that you can breathe! LOL Most clubs are closed off and stuffy, in my opinion. As soon as you walk around the corner from the entrance, the picture right above is what you see. Its seriously amazing. During the summertime you can get in the water outside. XS outside portion, is actually the pool during the day. I believe the European part. Sundays is the pool party night <3

Ive had several girls nights out, and this seems to be the place that we prefer most! I mean, it may help that we know people, but its the best club in Vegas. The doors open at 10pm. Which if you don't have a table reservation, you are probably gonna want to get there at 9:30 so you don't wait in the huge line it accumulates! My suggestion is if you are gonna go all out in Vegas, get a table. Bottles start at $450 for vodkas, but between a group of you, its less expensive than buying one drink at a club ($15-20)

...And please, always remember to tip your waitress ;)

Friday, April 16, 2010

Pinup is the way to go..

So what do you think? Not too bad. Of course I am not fully satisfied with my beginner skills, but that only makes me so much determined to execute this! I am very excited to share some of these photos with you and ask for some feedback.

Not only did I have amazing models (The blond- and C-KO (The brunette- I had a wonderful instructor, Bobby Deal. ( Stephanie was the model from my first photoshoot as a photographer. She is just so sweet and reliable. If you ever are in Vegas and need a model, she is the one to go to!! As for C-KO, it was my first time with her. She is everything! Stylist, make-up, hair, model, body paint, wardrobe, you name it. Check out both of these girls, they have outstanding portfolios!

As for me. I did my homework this shoot. I pulled up images and tried to read the history. Interesting stuff. And Pinup is such a simple shoot. But its not! If you take a look back at actual pinup photos, they are plain. One prop usually while in a costume or a sexy outfit. Its the poses and animation is what makes it. THE FOCUS IS THE MODEL! I know I am not a GURU in this field, but this is what I have learned. And I am sharing it.

I seriously want everyone to get something out of this. GO OUT AND DO IT! I have wanted to be a photographer for quite some time just never got up and did it! Same with make up. THE MAC COUNTER SCARED ME!!!! But I just went for the interview anyway. YOU DO YOU! I thought my life was never gonna start after I had kids. I knew it would take a minute to get back to "MARISSA" but after having twins, I thought I was DONE-ZO. Not the case. I am the proof! You only have one life to live. Go make the best out of it please!

Thursday, April 15, 2010


So I guess that this would be my first review. LOL I dont really do them, but I find that word of mouth is best. Its not a paid actor feeding you crap. So here is the story...

One of the first posts is CLUB IN THE CLUB. It was a thursday night. My night off. I had been up running around town and ofcourse just enjoying my day. BUT, on my days off I really like to do nothing and catch up on chores and sleep! I swear, swing shift (7pm-3am) is kinda rough. By the time I go to sleep its around 4:30am. ANYWHO, my sister calls me on this Thursday and invites me to the make up battle at BLUSH. Ofcourse I want to go! My sister and I never go out anymore and its a MAKE UP show. So as Im getting ready Im feeling super tired. Spraying FIX+ all over as if I was putting a fire out! (As we all know, FIX+ will also activate your moisturizer and wake up your face) To say the least, my bags were carrying some mean groceries! I said "F it" and figured I was gonna be in a club no one can tell.
RRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRNT! WRONG! The event was outside and had horrible bright lighting. Great lighting for applying make up, but not to compliment the face!! LOL Some guy there pulled out these EYEDEWS and was like, "Here, try these" OMFG. I felt like he had handed me a tissue because I had a booger in my nose! Or I had TP stuck to my shoe.. OR even WORSE an extension fallin out... (I dont wear extensions, but I have seen it happen) So to continue with the story.... I say, "Wow! are these for tired people like me!?" I guess the guy buys them wholesale and sells them at his shop or something. I dont know, I lost his card. =/ So I just looked them up on the web.

I eneded up using them a couple days after and that when you saw my last video. I must say that they did work! I wish I had more! In such a fast town such as the one I live in. Most people dont sleep! The ad even talks about being hungover and this is the trick for those puffy eyes! You can even put them in the fridge! The cure used to be, and still is, is to use a spoon. Put it in the freezer for a couple minutes and BAM! Slap that thing on your eye. But THAT IS NO BUENO! Too cold like that shocks the skin! And since under your eye is the most sensitive of your whole body, you want to be gentle!!!

These things worked for me! If you go to school and cram for those tests, use these! MOMS, use these! Being a full time single parent is so tiring, sometime we need a pick me up for the face. For whatever reason you have some puffage going on, this is a great option!

Tell me if you got them! I wanna see if they work on everyone!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010


I turned in my BACK TO MAC containers and rekindled my relationship with this wonderful matte red lipstick! heaven. Im on my way to a pin up inspired photoshoot and decided to go with RED! Although I have TASSLE AND RUSSIAN RED, I feel that RUBY WOO is perfect! I dont wear red lips too much myself, but dayyyyum GINA! I feel super hot right now! Thats us girls for you! Don t you notice that the day is just so much better when you feel pretty!?

On the count of 3, I want eveyone to go rock thier favorite lip!! GET IT GIRL!!!!! 1.......2........THREE!!! GO!!

Monday, April 12, 2010


Everyone please meet my pick of the week! A hip hop lover from the CHI!
An awesome guru too!

Ive noticed her since she always replying to my tweets! And I take it that this mama has been a follower for quite some time since I don't even accept friends anymore on YouTube! I think I stopped almost a year ago!? Whats the point of friend request on YouTube anyway?LOL

More about her! I follow her blog as well as her videos. Helpful tips and tricks might I add. In her latest video, she showed us all how her freakin MAC brush broke! Not only is she super cute in her videos, she is easy to understand and gets her point across. I think we all know how some videos draaaaaaag on and on and on and on and on and on....LOL

Did I mention that this girl is a NURSE!? She is a young 26, graduating 3 years ago!

Thank you Ness for being apart of the world of beauty and fashion! XO

Thursday, April 8, 2010

My Mini Photoshoot today

As you all know Ive started my journey with photography. I took about an hour out of my day to make it a point to snap some shots!! And what better subjects than these little girls!? Everyday I have become more and more inspired to do what I love most. ART! I cant get enough. I find that I have less stress when I do more make up or paint. Now there is another outlet, photography!

I keep getting the question of "What are you shooting with?" or "What Camera do you have?" Its a Canon rebel XS. Rebels are a great beginners camera..... I have been wanting one for quite sometime now and I finally got it for Christmas. I am so grateful for it! I love it! Keep in mind, there are several different models of the Rebel, there isn't just one.

I hope you enjoy the pics. I'm thinking of joining Flickr. I hear its a great place to get ideas and get your work out there! Thanks guys!

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Sneakers are SEXY too!

Oh how I love a fresh pair of sneaks. I swear, I can dress any outfit down to a funky fresh with a pair of sneaks. Not all sexy looks are complimented by heels, although I must admit, I feel so "diva" in some heels!

The Nikes with the red laces are called BLAZERS. By far, I get jocked on the most with those. How can you go wrong with a plaid black and white matched with a splash of red!? and the bottom of the soles are purple!!! TO DIE FOR!

I got these from the mall. Foot locker I think. Surprisingly, I found a couple nice pairs. I'm usually one to go to a boutique for the dopest fit. If anyone comes to Vegas, You MUST check out SUITE 190 or UNDEFEATED. Both awesome sneaker joints!

Thank you for reading. My pick of the week is coming up next.....

Monday, April 5, 2010


Yes! I Thought It would be a great idea to get those up and coming gurus/youtubbies! I think we all know how what a battle field it has turned out to be! I know I have my favorite youtubbies that dont do it for the money.. They have great material and I learn a lot from them! I have my picks. Do YOU!? Who do you watch on Youtube that not many people do? Is there a beauty blog out there that we can all learn from??

I am excited to have a portion of my blog dedicated to these certain people.. Please send me your picks, so I can review them. GET THEM FEATURED ON MY WEBSITE! When you submit, it can even be yourself! I think its not easy to put yourself out there!! Doing so is very brave. Opening up to the public, giving everyone a shot at you. We all know there are haters, but this is something positive to be apart of!! So please, send in your picks and lets see what we come up with! EVERY WEEK!!! I know I have my first feature, you guys are gonna love her! Stay tuned!

Also, Id like to take a sec to thank you all who have been so supportive! I am so very exited to start this website and share things with you! I know that it isnt the 3 youtube videos I used to do a week, but I find that these blog post help me get that creative energy out there!


Sunday, April 4, 2010

My First Photoshoot!

First of all my models were amazing! Second of all, this was my first time actually behind the camera itself! Ofcourse Im usually behind the camera doing make up, but to be holding the camera, shoooting, I loved every second of it! If you could imagine, my first shot of the night, my hands were clammy! HAHAHA

I am no where near an actual photographer, but I want to be. So I WILL! Everytime I take a look at a fashion mag, I become soooooo inspired! VISUAL STIMULATION! In my opinion, its a necessity to become what you want to be. Not only do you have to FEEL it, you gotta see it!

So what does everyone think!? Some constructive criticism would be appreciated!

Vegas Vision Studios is the bomb. That's where I was doing most of my make up work. When I finally got a full time job, I wasn't able to work as a make up artist as much for them, but now I am making time! VVS is holding weekly workshops working with different lighting and themed shoots. The workshop that I attended was "Abercrombie&Fitch" inspired. All workshops are taught by the one and only BOBBY DEAL. check out his stuff and the studio on the link I posted! More pictures to come! I hope you like 'em!