Tuesday, March 30, 2010


I was feeling in the "blue" mood. I hardly use blues anymore, but I made an exception. Im trying to get geared up with the SHADOWY LADY/DEEP TRUTH tutorial. The inner corner of my eyes is actually deep truth with gorgeous gold over it! Plumage is the other corners to create depth. Smoulder eye kohl rims my eyes and I just buffed some plumage eyeshadow underneath with deep truth eyeshadow over it. I loved to look, but im afraid that I'm growing out of that bright color stage. But in the end, I dont think I will all the way, Im an artist... I need color in my life!!

So I was thinking, what is it about beauty stuff that makes us women/young ladies so addicted!? I mean, Im crazy for it, but there are some girls out there that go BAZURK for any beauty product. Its so funny. I was talking with a girl from work and ofcourse we were talking about make up, MAC to be exact. Anyway, she tells me how she is at the MAC counter and just went crazy! So crazy that she didnt even tell her husband she spent so much. LOL. Its amazing. it's like AN ADDICTION. A good addiction thou. Girls like to be pretty and flirt. (C'mon you all know you feel so sexy with a flirty pair of lashes on!!)I know I do... Any other guilty pleasures!?

Friday, March 26, 2010

Make up battle @Blush nightclub @ Wynn

So the theme of this one was barbie inspired. The girl with the pink bikini thing was supposed to be "Lady Gaga" barbie. ??? And the Marge Simpson..... Great turnout, but I dont remember there being a Marge Simpson Barbie?? All artist had one hour to make up thier barbie inspired looks. It was hosted by Rain cosmetics which does a lot of work here in Vegas. I have actually thrown the idea around of working for them. But we will see how that one goes.... Im not really sure who won or what they won because I ended up leaving. I went with my sister and well, I guess I had one too many skinny B's.. ( I actually only had 2, but they were talls lol) And to be quite honest, it was hard to watch the make up with it being in a nightclub scene. It wasnt inside, it was in the outside part and I get so cold!! Anywho, hope you liked the pictures! This Event actually inspired me to do what I love. I saw those MUAs and thought to myself, "That should be me" and I hate that feeling.... Just goes to show, I need to be doing it. PUSH YOURSELF MARISSA!

CLUB for the club!

I am such a ham. I cant help it.

So do you love it!? Its quite easy.. I just put club eyeshadow by MAC all over the eyelid. Then rimmed my eye with smoulder eyeliner by MAC and even smudged a bit in my inner corner. Afterwards I took Black Tied eyeshadow by MAC and packed my inner corner with it. Slightly brushing toward my lid. Concentrating on my outer bottom, I took black tied to the lashline and buffed club over it. And VIOLA! I used a very natural false eyelash by MAC, but make it your own! Go Crazy if you want! I also thought about using gorgeous gold eyeshadow by MAC with this look, so try it and tell me how it turned out!!