Saturday, December 18, 2010

Stop the press...

So here is the story...
Jose and I were talking about doing a blog sale on some goodies that he and I have. Then we started talking about things such as twitter and my youtube and how I have lost so much touch with you guys. Truth is I have. I was so connected with you all and you all knew everything about me. YOU all were so close to me. I think the first 10,000 subbies I got were the closest. Ustreams and videos were on a regular. My ustreams brought us all together and we had some of the most interesting convos. I've cried and laughed and have found out how to learn and listen to each and everyone of you that used to attend every single time. I think I have helped more girls and young moms than I have ever known in my life.

Ever since I had started work full time (2 years ago) and jumped into a relationship (2 years ago) I have disconnected myself. Yes I had a new life, but does not give me a reason to leave the community I had well established myself in and had gained so much of your guys trust.

The story is, I have lost touch. It smacked me in the face today when Jose and I were chatting. He basically told me I do have time for my blog and I do have time to reconnect with the girls that I had so much in common with. Everyone gets a little lost sometimes. I was the one who gave you all encouragement and told you all to never settle. I did so and now I will be taking my own advice. I cant wait to share my life with people who care, again.

In the end, can I just say that I wish you all had a Jose. He has always been supportive and very happy for me! Its nice to have someone know and pay attention to your feelings and your attitude... Women need to be heard thru emotion EVEN THOU WE ARE MORE VERBAL. Jose, you are my best friend and I am so happy to have you live with me here in Vegas. Girls, if you come to Vegas, make sure to go see him at MAC PRO inside the Forum Shops at Caesar's Palace!


see you girls soon.



  1. awww yay!!! so wait whens the blog sale?!?! LOL

  2. blog sale will be be within the week. I just had to set up a pay pal account.

  3. ..glad ur doing good and hope to hear from you soon.

  4. Every woman has felt this way and we do miss you...and yes you have inspired us other mommies..just your realness and your attitude is awesome. Merry Christmas you and your family.

  5. Awuh I was just at the MAC Pro shop at the Forum shops last night... I didn't see him though. I was making my first trip to Inglot (which if you've never been, I hiiighly suggest - they're AMAZING!) and decided to make a pit stop in MAC. :) Next time I'm down there, I'll look for him though, for sure.

  6. Marissa! so nice to hear from you - and even tough you don't know me as I don't write a lot here or on youtube, I've really missed you:)
    yes, I'm another girl inspired by you, your optimism and just positive energy you give through your vids :D waiting for more! :)kisses!

  7. I just saw one of your videos and I think you're absolutely hilarious! It's all new to me, but I do believe a "welcome back" is in order ;) keep doing you, mama!

  8. omg i've been sad you've been gone... and havent seen the twins in the background of videos.. =...[ but glad to hear everything is going well for you.. happy jose moved close to you now you have a wonderful friend near.. where can i find me a Jose? hehe...

    welcome back !!! looking foward to your blogs.

    take care

  9. aww..I dont have a Jose..but i do have a Mike ;) lol..Hopeing u will find time to come back..Ur vids were amongst the first ones I started to watch here on Youtube, it was the Chola one..lmao..i was rollin at work. I know Mommyness can get busy and overwhelmin..TRUST I got three kids and a Husband, and work full time..I think viewers and readers will understand and sympathize that U will Blog when u can..and Make tutorials when u have the time ;) Good Luck and COME BACK SOON! xoxo