Friday, December 17, 2010

Just a little somthin somethin..

AS you all know I am a girl who loves the REPEAT BUTTON. Ive heard this song here and there and of course a friend of mine has this song as SONG OF THE MONTH. LOL Getting ready for work, in the car and even when Im cleaning house. The song is so damn catchy and fun! This Mike Posner boy from Detroit, he's gay right!? Or is he just really fem? Joser and I question this one... ;)

And tomorrow is the girls birthday and the week after is Christmas. I've been super busy and stressed out to say the least. Im sure we all are going thru some stress and pressure. Also, Joser has moved to Vegas with me! He's my new roomie! Im sure you can imagine how nice it is to have someone you've missed and been close with even long distance, be so close!

This was us the other night at the opening of The Cosmopolitan. We were in the club called Marquee in this picture. Very snazzy and fun inside! The whole casino/club/hotel had a fresh and upbeat feel. Vegas has a new spot to hang out for me!

Im doing well aside of everything else. Thank you for those who check up on me to make sure I am still alive!! ;) Im alive and well... You guys know me, I have a very short attention span.


  1. aaawa you look so cute in that pic!! with the hair flick and everything lol and i know what u mean with the short attention span cuz i suffer from that too kisses xx

  2. you look pretty in that picture and soo happy! i love yoru smile.. haha i know what you mean im the same way i have a short attention span as well.. aww the girls birhtday is tomorrow... how nice.. yeaa christmas has been stressing me out.. busy busy bee.. hope to see you in a video soon or more blogs!...

    ohh yeaa he does look gay huh.. thats a question for TMZ to spill the beans on..

  3. ive missed ur blogs and videos!!!!

  4. Doooode...I've hella missed your videos! diggin yo swagger girl! Miss the music too. Can't wait to see what you got in store for us! Feliz cumpleaƱos to your little girls! I know how it is to be a busy working mom and how hard it can be. But you are a great mom and you inspire me Chica! Oh and BTW LOVE the picture above! You and Joser look so cute! Can I borrow him? I need a lil bit of jose in my life! Haahaa XOXO LOVE.MUSIC & MAKEUP :)