Monday, December 20, 2010

Holiday Christmas Parties!

Hello Dahhhling....
Here is the only long shot I got of my dress.. Its a long navy blue Cache dress that just made me feel like I was on the red carpet! (I wish) Plunging neck line and bunched up form fitting to the knee caps.. I attend this Christmas party almost every year for a couple years now. A very close friend of my grandmothers since the old Vegas days.. They both remind me of women from the movie CASINO... Love the dress? I wish I had more places to go in it!

Lexi and the monkey! The party is always so kid friendly. They always have a Santa and a princess painting the faces of the kids!

Here's Dez in her holiday outfit! Posting this blog is kinda nuts, the day before this picture, they had just turned 7 years old... Do you remember them from my first videos!? Such babies they were!

Mommies turn!! Here is my look. With such a Hollywood glam dress, I had to make my make up match. Of course.. Ruby woo lipstick!! Not too heavy on the eyes, just a little thicker on the liner and I popped some Deep Truth eyeshadow in the outer corner with some Carbon eyeshadow to deepen it..

Now for the hair... I had my hair in hot rollers of course. Its the only way I know how to do my hair! Instead of my infamous flip and spray, I brushed the curls and chunked my hair into pieces... "designing my curls" if you may... I took one bobby pin and slicked back one side. Kept the accessories to a minimum with some diamond studs.. SIMPLICITY LADIES, your beautiful smile should be your main attraction. No respectable man wants to take you home to mama when you lookin like a HOOOCHIE.

Deep Truth eyeshadow by MAC

I love Ruby Woo lipstick. I actually went to google a picture of the lipstick itself and look what I found, a pic of RISSROSE2! haha

If you are not familiar with Ruby Woo, it is a matte lipstick. When I know I'm going to wear it, I always make sure that moisturizer is put on my lips before I start my make up. I find that my lips will not get that chapped look!

And there you go.... I believe that Christmas parties are those occasions where you want to look Timeless. Classic. GlamourFantastic.
I suppose its a matter of opinion, but I'm sure you are reading this because you give a f*ck what I have to say. HAHA! Happy Holidays!



  1. You all looked gorgeous...loved that dress. Your right looks like a red carpet dress.

  2. Thanks Anna, Its cause I am thin ;)

  3. You look great Marisa! Can you do a blog on how you lost the weight over the years? Some tips would be awesome! Love you n miss you!!

  4. your girls look beautiful soo big.. happy belated birthday to them. you look amazing in that dress.. i love your make up.. i wish i could get that dolled up an go somewhere =[ tear.. yes i agree please let us know how you lost weight. ou look fab. even before.

    im soo happy your posting blog post again!