Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Damn you KIM K


Yes I have issues with my hair.. and I always go to celebrity gals to go to a new do! and Kim K is realllllly making this hard for me.... I miss my bangs. But now that they are finally grown out, I hate thinking that I would have to grow them allllll out again!

Then there is the blond.. Right before she did this look, my sister had done that to my hair a week prior. BUT THE GROW OUT WAS SO AWFUL! I am not the type of girl that keeps up on root touch up and crap like that! But well worth it I guess..

WHAT SHOULD I DO? I guess I am just venting.. we will see what happens in the near future with this hair of mine!


  1. I think you look better with dark hair and with or without bangs your still pretty.

  2. agree... leave it dark and do the bangs...but some short side swept ones..im the same i love bangs, then i miss them long..then i miss bangs..a reapeating cycle..

  3. I think Kim looks washed out blond...it isnt for her.

  4. Def dont go blonde!! You gotta rep the brunette forever girll! If anything do the bangs<33Your gorgeous either way

  5. Bangs rarely look good on anybody and I even think Kim looks better without them. I like latinas in blonde highlites...it's not really necessary to keep up on the regrowth is it? Isn't that kind of 90's? I like a little regrowth, kinda like SJP on sex and the city? what do you think?