Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Be creative.. it puts the soul into overdrive..

Homemade Christmas ornaments..

Last year I had made similar ornaments.. Each green balls with glitter puff paint with the name and year on it.. this year I decided to do it a little different. Since my tree this year doesn't have the theme of lime green and gold, I went with colors! More ornaments that were personal.. My loves and likes and things that described myself and my family lifestyle. Decorating ornaments will definitely be a tradition for my family every year..

Alexis loves pink!

Jose went with the black feathers inside with some confetti.

Dezirae is a bit more all over the place. This one fits her perfect!

...and here is mine! I just went crazy too. Glued jewels and stuck confetti in it as well. Oh and I found some of those furry wires and put them in there too.. I know my "2" looks like a "Z" but you pick up what I'm puttin down, right!?

How cute is this guy!? A puffer fish! I have 2... So I bought it to rep my baby puffers. I really want a dog face puffer.. ::crossing fingers::

I hit up World Market the other day.. I found 2 for $12 ornaments. Couldn't pass up the Mariposas... duh....

And my favorite one of all.. Ugh I just love her. My grandmother loved her so much. (Emma) I love everything about the statues, pictures and objects that are of her..

I wanted this post to be about starting new traditions and being creative and unique with them. Homemade things are the most precious keepsakes! I know a lot of my readers have children and this is perfect for you moms! Being creative inspires my outlook in life, make me a happier person. I would also help with the holiday stress!! I feel like a ticking time bomb around this time of year. Its tough. Kids bday and Christmas a week after.

Thanks for reading..



  1. Gosh your girls are adorable! I definitely wish i made ornaments like that when i was younger! You're such a great mom! I hope you have a happy holidays

  2. lovely i should do this with my gurls next yr!!! ps. I FLIPPING LOVE U!

  3. those are cute! I'm gonna have to do those with my kids :)

  4. such a FUN idea! where did you find those clear ornaments? I'm totally going to hunt for them.

  5. Lua, I went to michaels! They were on sale!!! Its fun to go and get all the discount christmas stuff since its so close to the 25th!