Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Organic Skin Care

Ok so this is my new favorite. This box comes with 30 packages of a pair of wipes. Lasting a whole month if you use everyday, this box cost me 80 buckaroos. At first I was hesitant because that's kinda expensive. But after using over a couple blemishes, they dried up and were pretty much gone sooner than usual. My sun spots and scars had diminished as well. I was advised by my esthetician to use these the week before my chemical peel to help prep my skin... (Chemical peels kinda burn like a "Hot") So now I try and use these every other day to make the box last longer and use everyday the week of my PERIOD. Sorry but I get those really mean and unfriendly PERIOD zits. Don't front, you probably get em too. LOL Since these particular "friends" are from another planet, they are so hard to hide!! It's like they like to be HUGE and sometimes stay under the skin and never come to a head!! With these wipes, I found that if not gone, the "friend" is so much easier to conceal! ON THE REAL!!!!

Im pretty sure you can purchase online, I go to FACELOGICS once a month for a different type of facial and am able to purchase these wipes..

Ok so this cream is amazing as well. I am the type of girl with normal to dry skin. I live in the desert and I cant STAND when my face feels tight! I CANNOT get out of the shower or wash my face without moisturizer on my face afterwards. Since I am a creature of habit, I really only use Studio Moisture Cream from MAC, Lubriderm (My mom used that on me since I was a baby.) and the SPF from Neutrogena.
So buying this moisturizer was tough, but I'm so glad I did so! The ORGANIC part pretty much sold me. Oh yea, and the SMELL of this!! Lexi and Dez always tell me I smell "good and fresh"
*After applying this to my face, I spray some FIX + and rub my face again.
HEAVEN for 35 bucks.

This stuff is for under my eyes and over my sun spots... Mostly the highlights of my face... You can use this all over, but this is just another part of my daily do. I prefer to use this before my moisturizer.. I love SERUMS. they just sound and feel so potent...
I think this thing was 25 bucks on its own. The dispenser is a dropper and only a little is needed for the face. So it goes a long way.

And her she is. MY FACE WASH! I usually like something with "scrubbies" in it. I feel that I'm actually getting deep into my skin and getting the gunk off. Not with this one. Its a soap like consistency and I don't mind at all. I am able to go on smoothly and really massage my skin. I am able to take my time and really massage my face and spend time getting the dirt off.

I'm pretty sure EMINENCE has a website. If my esthetician stopped selling it, I'd be so sad. But you bet your bottom dollar I'd hunt the for the website! Face wash selling for 38 bones.

So Im kinda realizing that this might sound like a lot to purchase at once. I kinda had the "FUUUUCK ME ARE YOU SERIOUS!?" look on my face when I went to pay. But as the days passed, I was so glad I made these purchases. I have never been a big buyer of skin care. Getting older has made me buy less of the make up and make me worry more about my skin...

Think about it..

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  1. I love the MD wipes TOO! They are so worth the $$! You are such a fierce woman btw :)