Tuesday, August 24, 2010

What a LUCKY girl...

'Isn't it amazing how somethings completely turn around.....'

This song is so old. Straight classic. I used to be on the other side of this song. But tonight, I found that this song was directed to me. I found a new found glory with this song and after this song was finally "my song", I found peace in my heart.

I got a tattoo today. Japanese symbol for "lucky" Can I just say that people pop up out of no where to help realize what you are really worth. My eyes are now open.

Question: "What or who has inspired you lately?"


  1. What a great thing to wake up to! My answer is you and I'm sure your readers can agree. Everyone has some kind of ability and you have the ability to inspire! You've always had it even wayy back when you started making videos. It a good thing to have because having that you never lose yourself. Even if you do Im sure its not for long. I'm grateful your share your wisdom with us. and keep us inspired
    Love you mama,
    Ps had to login to here since twitter restricts us to 140 characters lol!


    you truley inspire me since day one that i found your video on you tube that exact day i watched every single one of your videos. I couldn't stop laughing and i was @ work watching these videos. it was HARD to not giggle or LOL!. your personality is amazing. your kids are beautiful they look up to you so much. you inspire me to not care what other people think. you made me a confident girl in my skin you made me love myself. and not let anyone tell me different. you made me feel confortable that i dont need a lot of make up to make me pretty i simply wear mascara/ blush/ concealer on a daily day. i look every day on you tube to see if you posted a video or check your blog daily to see if you posted something new. =} I just want to say THANK YOU! =]

    hope you and your baby girls are doing well.

    <3 you..


  3. Wow girls thank you for being so fantastic!! I love it!

  4. I love your blog, I love your youtube, your twitter..Hell I love you. lol I just love your personality. I agree with everyone else..you have the ability to inspire and motivate other women to live life and enjoy every precious moment of it. You inspire me to continue chasing my dreams.
    Continue being YOU.
    Take care

  5. Wow. I needed this today. thank you.

  6. Wow. you girls are just gorgeous.. Thank you for all the support!