Sunday, August 22, 2010

Oh Snap. It's Fukuburger.

WestSideWednesdays. And guess who was the WSW girl that day??

My newest hang out spot. With a catchy phrase of "8 till late" Fukuburger is killin it with yummy grubb! The picture above is of me and my very good friend Colin. (Co-Owner of fukuburger) When RissRose was only 17, she had a pleasure of meeting this awesome individual. He was actually my manager when I used to host at PF Changs. Seems like so long ago. ANYWHO...

If you ever come to Vegas, this must be on your TO DO LIST!

Open 8 till late, this place is poppin! To find its location, follow them on twitter! Usually they are in Chinatown here in Vegas... I think I've been 3 times in the past week. When you go, it's like a tailgate party. People playing music, hip hop heads with the sickest kick game!! Lawn chairs and bucket seats in full effect. I went by myself the other day and made friends instantly. And how perfect to go eat fukuburger in the after hours!? After you done tearing up the dance floor and partying in Vegas, grab some grubb. You know burger and fries sound soooo yummy after drinking the night away. ;)

My favorite is the #3. Dont ask, just get it. And for dessert, shaved ice! And when you see Colin, tell him Rissrose sent you!!

Click the website for menu and twitter link!

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