Thursday, August 19, 2010

is it possible....

So when I first heard this song I was like, "ehhh its plays too much" Im not really the girl that knows all the words to every song.. But then I went to a Neyo concert and he did this number where he sang all the songs that he ever wrote. AND THIS SONG WAS ONE OF THEM! I was like "WHAAAAAAAAA!?" and when he was singing, I heard the words and actually listened to the song later that night. Why are the words so TRUE?? There is always that BUG A BOO.

Now, this does not only go out to all my readers who have THAT GUY be controlling, but also to my readers that can possibly be this person too. First of all, why would you want to be in a relationship to where you had to always be up on someones nuts. Knowing what they are doing, calling them every 5 minutes. Are you really that insecure? Now granted if you are like me, I like to know where my partner is and where he is going. Its common courtesy right? I don't wanna be at the mall and run into him like, "Hey? I thought you were at home?" or see him eating out with a friend and be like, "ummmm what....?" Right!? Anyway, back to the point. Now, if someone is treating you right, you really aren't looking for anyone else, UNLESS you are that scandalous person that ruins it for the rest of us. Having multiple partners are some peoples "thing" but that is not the point here... actually kinda is... is the partner being a BUG A BOO because they have some hang up with a past relationship? Were they cheated on before so now they think they have to always be on your ass? Or do they have some type of "abandonment" issue where they have had a loved one leave them? (Friend, Mom, DAD or family memeber?) All evaluations you must do before letting your relationship get any further. Don't let your past relationships or your partners past relationships carry on over. Which leads me to this song...

Now however this translates to you, is pretty much directed to you or your partner. Not only do I loooooove this track, I also have had some connections with it in my past. Only because at one point, I thought (after I left the girls dad) there was never going to be a man that would accept children that werent his own. BUT I WAS WRONG. I met my ex Jaime and he loved my kids like they were his own. Now, me assuming and holding on to the thought that there wasn't anyone out there, was me being a BAG LADY. Carrying my bags from my past to my future. Never again did I think like that, cause in reality, a man would be stupid to not accept my children. They are god's work and gifts that were given to me. The girls and I are one whole package.

Ya know, never in a million years did I ever think that I would write about relationships. But I've been touched by a lot of you and have seen the other side of things with your emails... The heartbreak, the issues and what not. I just want everyone to be happy. Whether its alone or with a partner. Bottom line, everyone deserves the best.

"Soul mates are like shoes. There will be different colors, designs and height, but only one size that fits you." -RissRose

In other words, I believe that there isn't just that one person that is made for you, you like variety, right? There are several compatible, but only one will take you to that place where everything seems like a dream, "laa laa land"

Thank you for reading... I think I need a drink now. I can't believe this all just came out of me. I love you all.

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  1. omg! how did I ever ignored this blog post!! And what got me was the Erykah Badu song "bad lady". You see I've been having a tough time getting over by some guy who completely rejected me. And I've been just dealing with my feelings and trying to get over it, since all I've been doing is ignoring how I really feel, and acting as if it didn't really affected me, but it has & realized that I have to deal with it even if it means that I have to cry every night to just release myself from all this tension and this song just opened my eyes. Not to bring your past issues into the future and just let shit go. What's done is done and just accept things how they are. I've been feeling soo down today and the weather here sucks (it's been raining since sunday) I'm soo glad I've read this post because it just helped me with my healing process