Saturday, June 26, 2010

Tattoos in Cali.

No idea what this was about.

I love beef jerky.

Meet Mike Rios. Hit him up at Cactus Tattoo in Catherdral City, Ca.

I just had her vail filled in...Its all I could take!

I have turned into such a wuss! It hurt so bad!

She has been unfinished for almost 3 years....

Im not gonna lie, I was so nervous in this picture. It was kind of a last minute deal that I was going to get my tattoo touched up!

What a trip that was... the pictures above were AFTER I had gotten in to Las Vegas From Florida!! (Pictures soon to come) We landed in Vegas at 11pm, got home to the car and BOOM! Back on the road to Palm Springs area!!! We stayed for a day, soaked up some sun and picked up the kids... now Im home in Vegas, of course Im still in vacation mode!! :)

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  1. Yo, you should add a pic of the final can kinda see it in one of the pics but I like the touch up fa sho!