Wednesday, June 2, 2010


Everyone meet Tiffany! This girl is super sweet! I love following her on Twitter! Especially when she posts pictures of her on set and behind the scenes! Very inspiring! Film production has always been a dream of mine and this girl gives me a taste of what it would be like!!


What an amazing team!! Mother(Laurie) and daughter(Tiffany)! Cant get better than that. The GO GREEN duo is all about nature. From make up products to yummy organic and raw foods, these 2 definitely have changed my way in purchasing products. I've actually began to read the labels! Following these ladies blog has shown me a whole new level in taking care of myself. Not only am I healthy mentally, I am now on my way to being physically healthy by being cautious in my food intake and the products that I put on my face! By reading their blog you will get the greatest deals and learn what certain products contain that are harmful and great for you! I get several inquiries on moisturizers, sunscreens and other skin care products. First thing I do is check out these ladies blog or just send the link right over.

I hope you all take a second to peep them out! I have posted 2 links below...


  1. I sub to them too. I love her mom's recipes too!

  2. everything they do is fabulous!

  3. YOU are such a sweetheart to say such nice things about us!! We've been beaming ever since and posted it on our Facebook. Thanks SO much and we wish you and all your followers the healthiest, happiest lives ever! xoxo Laurie & Tiffany