Wednesday, June 2, 2010

More of my vacation

So the picture above is me at Target with Daisy! I went over to Target in the middle of the wedding to get some clothes! I wore a dress and it was super windy and cold at this outdoor wedding..... Paul rushes me to the nearest mall or whatever I could find. Target it was! So i grab all black. Leggings, black tank blouse and a long sleeve sweater type thing. I rushed over to the fitting room and just kept all the clothes on so I wouldnt be changing in the car!! Well when I can out of the fitting room to tell the girl that I wasnt stealing the clothes, Daisy says, "Are you Marissa, Rissrose!? I follow you on twitter!" as she has her phone in her hand!! She was the cutest thing! Paul took our picture...So Daisy, here it is! Thank you for walking me to the front of Target with tags and all still on my clothes!! Thanks for your support!!! SouthGate what!?
Guess who caught the bouquet!?

This is my very best friend from 1st grade! I finally rekindled our friendship after 15 years! So just a couple months ago I found her on facebook! How cool is that!? So I did her make up as well as one bridesmaid and her mommy. I was so happy to catch her at such an important time in her life. And what was cool too, was that she got married at Clarke estate in Santa Fe Springs, Ca. Where my grandparents (the names tattooed on my back) renewed thier 50 year wedding vows. I cried the second she came out of the door. She made a beautiful bride and Im so glad that she has found someone to spend the rest of her life with. I love you Nicole!

After the wedding. We stayed in uptown Whittier. The next day we went to Laguna Beach! pictures are in the blog below. After laguna we went back to Palm Springs, Ca. We stayed at the Ace hotel. SO CUTE!!!! 89 bucks! The sun is always shining in that town, it was so warm!!

Guess Who!? Theres Joser! and our other, Aleese. We all became really great friends when we worked at MAC together! It's so nice when you can reunite and it feels like you all have picked up from where you left off! This was the 2nd day of my vacation. We were at Sullivan's in Palm Desert, Ca. i swear, we were the youngest people there! Bomb martinis!

This is the same night of the picture with Aleese and Joser. We went place to place all night! We went to some bar/nightclub, and they had a lazer thingy. The place was so dead, but we had so much fun with all the pictures I took. The boys were such camera whores, so the pictures came out great! We were at Elevation in Cathedral City, Ca.

This was after we had to gone to 3 different places. We were at the River in Rancho Mirage, Ca. We even stopped at the MAC store. Ya know, sometimes you just gotta look to see if you missed anything from your last visit. I managed to put on my favorite lip! Im wearing Magenta lipliner with Girl about town lipstick! I always put in on when I go into a Mac counter/store.


  1. you look cute in the 2nd to last picture love the lip color!!
    love ur dark hair
    ive been blonde soooo long
    i miss dark

  2. i love that pig at babes:) and eating him too lol

  3. aww u look so pretty with those glasses!! so glad you got to go to your best friend's wedding!

  4. your so gorgeous marissa! :) looked like so much fun,makes me wanna come to vegas and party with you ;p

  5. Hi Marissa!

    GIRLLLL, I am SO glad you started your own blog. I've been a fan since your rissandjoser blog and youtube from way back when. I got the mac sketch eyeshadow...need i say more? LOL

    You looked super gorgeous in all the pics like always! Congrats on catching the bouquet ;)

    I'm goin to Vegas soon!!! Where do you work??


  6. u and ur friend look so pretty!!
    she has beautiful hair color!
    do u know what color she uses?? [[the red head lol]]