Monday, May 3, 2010

My latest photoshoot.

The top shelf of my trunk.

Model: DJ Dez

My myspace picture! LOL

Model: LaRue

I love Make up shots!

I am so excited to share these with you all! I cant tell you how much photography makes me happy! (as you can see, most of my blog post are about my photoshoots vs. make up. You dont mind do you? ;))

This workshop really taught me a lot. It was working with more of a curvy model. How to pose them, how to really bring out the curves. This workshop actually applied to most girls, lets face it, not all girls are 5' 10" with a model body! Anywho, I loved working with these girls. Both really outgoing and easy to work with. I didnt realize how many different aspects there are in a photoshoot. Im used to just doing the make up and touching up in between. Being a photographer, you have to watch for non flattering poses, "Bring your chin up" "Bring your shoulder around", its tough!!! So a new respect goes out to all aspiring photographers and ofcourse to all the professionals!

MUA: Marissa Castillo


  1. Wow, beautiful work! Your pictures & blogs always inspire me :]

  2. LEHUA!! I am so glad that I can do that for you! My blog is definately a different side of me, so im glad that you can appreciate it!

  3. I definately do & i garantee you i ain't the only one who get's inspired and is absolutely in love with your blog. You kill it girl! That's why we love you :)

  4. I always like a good shot of the makeup setup. more artists should do it more often. its sooo interesting. why? idk. :)

  5. I really like how you do ur make up:) And how you show all of your fav. things :)Keep on doing what you are doing:) Love it!!!