Monday, May 3, 2010

Meet my family.

This was taken at THE GRAPE located in Town Square. Nice little lounge with a patio. Live bands at night. Well on Tuesdays for sure. (Thats the night we were there)

The shot above is from the balcony at Blue Martini also located in Town Square. 4pm-8pm is happy hour. :)

Everyone, meet my dad. What a big 'ol Mexican he is. He stands 6'5".
Also in the picture above is my sister Jessie. (Her mom married my dad)

A little RissRose for ya.. ;)

Its was my dad's anniversary last week! 8 years. So of course we all got together. My sister and her husband came. It was a blast. I guess when you get older and you drink with your parents, it becomes like you are equals, or more on a friend level. Right? This post has nothing to do with make up or anything artistic, but its about family. Life. (And a few hot spots to go when you are in Vegas lol) Anyway, it was crazy to celebrate an 8 year anniversary. I was 17 or 18 when they married. Nuts. I guess when a couple that is later in their lives, the marriage is more likely to last. Older couples have gone thru the "party stage" "growth spurts" and have experienced more in life to know exactly what they want. What they don't want and how to be mature enough to handle certain situations. All of this is my opinion of course and not for one second am I doubting young couples that are married. (Don't forget that I got married when I had just turned 20.) But what a mistake that was. I wish I would have not gone as far as married, but just had my kids. Because that is the one thing that I can be thankful for. Any mommy will tell you that. Baby daddy's are thanked for their sperm and that's it. (IN MY CASE)

Am I really writing about relationships?? I don't consider myself a doctor or a whizz in this subject, but if I could just tell you the emails that I get on advice about relationships! I live and learn. I swore after my last relationship I wasn't going to date. I was on my "MISS INDEPENDENT" roll. But no, when you aren't lookin, that's when it finds you. Its like you cant go around it. But that is when its the best right!? Oh I don't know, I suppose I should stop before I get too deep. LOL Being in love is always so wonderful, but just remember that it makes you blind.... I cant help it, i love that it does that. I am a strong and stubborn enough girl to only let it get past the first few layers of skin.

BTW. Did you love the sound effects in my last video?


  1. your so gorgeous Marissa! you look like your dad :) and your sister is pretty.

    Mahalo for sharing part of your beautiful family!

  2. Amen sista! I got married @ 25. 3 years later my handsome honey and I have been to 2 therapists, read several books on marriage, love and respect and even attended a couple of marriage self help groups! Marriage is hard work but so worth it. So blessed that neither of us gave up! I fell in love with him all over again! When are you guys gonna get hitched??? Any talk about that yet? c'mon girl, you can tell us! ;o) I like that you are talking about real life on here. And yes, loved the sound effects! Lol! you are cute!

  3. Mrs Middleton!!!
    LOL I really love your energy!! wow what a breath of fresh air! We have spoken of marriage ofcourse, I love this man. We do have very strong personalities and we butt heads like crazy, but I cant help but love this boy more and more everyday. and girl, you know I spill the beans about everything!!! AHAHAHAHA ask me anything and Im bound to let it slip! You all will know when Im engaged before my parents ! HAHA xoxoxoxoxo

  4. Thanks for posting real life info. Your dad is soooo cute. You have gorgeous parents. I see where you get your jaw dropping looks. Love your thoughts about relationships. So true!!! I am 26 and really getting frustrated that guys I keep dating are assholes. Yet, I know the right one will come sooner or later. Just gets tough...erg! Anyway, I don't mean to intrude, but weren't you engaged or about to get married about a year or two ago? Am I going crazy? You are the best btw. Please keep making vids and updating this blog. Such a joy to watch. You need to get a show.

  5. gorgeous family, now we know where you get your height from :) congrats to your parentals on their 8th anniversary <3

  6. YOU!!! Are a breath of fresh air! I fell in love with you on youtube about a year ago and I'm never gonna let you go!!! So glad you have this blog! I have a few Gurus that I follow and you gals are an inspiration for sure! I started my youtube channel and blog soon after finding some diamonds in the ruff like you! By the way, I've been meaning to tell you since I found you...I am Mexican and Filipino, I am a Pisces, and I'm a make up artist!!! You are my soul sista! Hey sista, go sista, soul sista, flow sista! Voulez vous coucher avec moi ce soir! Bahahahahaha!

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  8. Monique,
    you are not going crazy! I used to be with someone at the time you are talking about! And yes, we were in a very good point in our relationship to where we were comfortable talking about marriage. Seems ideal right!? Well shortly after that, I moved to vegas and did the whole long distance thing. We grew apart and thats how it ended.

  9. your family is so beautiful!! congrats on the anniversary for your dad and step mom! :) they look so happy! i love your funny face picture!

  10. hey my fellow mexi-pina... :) just stoping by to say I love your blog and YouTube vids... I told u on YouTube before lol! you're an inspiration and a beautiful mother! you're daughters are adorable!
    and yes love does make you blind... I am in love and I hate that it does that sometimes lol!!! take care <3 ting

  11. Thanks for the low down girl! I seriously thought I was insane. Lol. Have a great night.