Friday, May 14, 2010

Just some everyday life..

This picture is perfect! I always get the question about my tattoos on my inner elbow area. Paul took this while i was driving. The tattoo is of an "A" and the other side is of a "D". Get it? Alexis and Dezirae.

This is a great picture too. To prove my point that I go out in public without make up too. I'll wear just some mascara and some moisturizer with some chapstick or gloss. My hair is not even done! Some of my viewers think I leave the house looking like a freakin DIVA. Please know, that I am human. I am also very comfortable in my own skin.

Mommy got everyone in some new kicks the other day. I swear, I'm doing this to myself. Paul has a major love for Nikes now. And TODAY Dezirae asked me to buy her another pair! LOL PSSSSSHHH. I love out little sneaker fetish thou..

Late night dining in Vegas. Tao, located at the Venetian hotel. Kinda pricey, but its a cool kick it spot. Sushi and Asian inspired dishes. Very loud and upbeat. This place also turns into a nightclub @ 10pm. I don't know if Paul and I will be eating there again.... he threw up all the next day. Sorry Tao....

Every relationship needs a date night. We chose to go out on the strip, but the next day when Paul was sick, we had movie night. We realized it was much better than being alllll up and out! (Dont get me wrong, I love being out on the town, but quality time alone is healthy and much more intimate. Paul and I do not have the same days off, so its rough)

This was the wall that we sat next to at Tao. It was a bunch of pipes. Very cool. Looks like something I would put in my house...

Now this is something a local never does in Vegas. DRIVE DOWN THE STRIP! LOL But it was pretty nice. I see this everyday and have to drive down a small part of it to get to work... But I can see why people are so amazed. But damn this blvd. is a b*tch to drive down... and NO it is NOT cool to drive down it as a tourist and yell like an idiot out the window or out the sunroof. DONT DO IT! YOU LOOK LIKE STUPID. LOL Some people just cant handle Vegas. SMH

So I hope you liked this random post. Got to know a little about me and the city that I live in. I really appreciate all the feedback! And the formspring questions, HAHAHHA some of you are nuts AND I LIKE IT! Much love, peace and of course, HIP HOP.


  1. Those Nikes are Hot! :) i love em'.

  2. Rissa i love you so much. you inspire me too do better, and you are such a great role model to me.

  3. ahhhh u alll have some hot nikes love them! U and Paul look great and so does vega ;-) great pics!!!

  4. Love how you said you don't leave the house looking like a diva all the time! LOL and love the no makeup picture.. That Marissa is just ad beautiful as the RissRose2 we know on YouTube

  5. You guys are a really cute couple :)

  6. such a cute photo of you two! Awe...I miss our date nights... :o(

  7. i love the date night pictures! so cute. =) i'm so stoked about my vegas trip. 1 more month! xoxo

  8. loved your post, just like all the other ones!
    I love your tattoos and how they represent something, I think it's more special when it has meaning instead of just cuz it looked pretty (not that there's anything wrong with that)
    You're awesome, you always make me feel better when I'm having a bad day :)

  9. Kayla- I love you too!

    Andrea- Your comment about how I make you feel better when you are having a bad day, just made smile! xoxo

    jen- Your blog is awesome and I love seeing your comments!!

    Mrs. Middleton- you are just fantastic. What more can I say!?