Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Sneakers are SEXY too!

Oh how I love a fresh pair of sneaks. I swear, I can dress any outfit down to a funky fresh with a pair of sneaks. Not all sexy looks are complimented by heels, although I must admit, I feel so "diva" in some heels!

The Nikes with the red laces are called BLAZERS. By far, I get jocked on the most with those. How can you go wrong with a plaid black and white matched with a splash of red!? and the bottom of the soles are purple!!! TO DIE FOR!

I got these from the mall. Foot locker I think. Surprisingly, I found a couple nice pairs. I'm usually one to go to a boutique for the dopest fit. If anyone comes to Vegas, You MUST check out SUITE 190 or UNDEFEATED. Both awesome sneaker joints!

Thank you for reading. My pick of the week is coming up next.....


  1. when i head to Vegas next month, i soo gotta check out them kicks spots!!

  2. looking at ur sneakers i was wondering wat kinda clothes u pair up with em.. thats something u can youtube or show pics of in here.. it be inspiring to see ur style in clothes like weve seen in make up! i like everything you do in make up keep up the good work and creativity ;p

  3. hey roxy!! I love to just throw on a tank with jeans!! and style it up with the sneaks! people look and my shoes which is good! Because that usually means I didnt put any make up or do my hair that day!!!

  4. Loving your love for kicks. Will keep those stores in mind when I hit up Vegas again :)

  5. I bought a latest style of wedge shoes in women size latetly, great footwear to match my outfit.