Sunday, April 4, 2010

My First Photoshoot!

First of all my models were amazing! Second of all, this was my first time actually behind the camera itself! Ofcourse Im usually behind the camera doing make up, but to be holding the camera, shoooting, I loved every second of it! If you could imagine, my first shot of the night, my hands were clammy! HAHAHA

I am no where near an actual photographer, but I want to be. So I WILL! Everytime I take a look at a fashion mag, I become soooooo inspired! VISUAL STIMULATION! In my opinion, its a necessity to become what you want to be. Not only do you have to FEEL it, you gotta see it!

So what does everyone think!? Some constructive criticism would be appreciated!

Vegas Vision Studios is the bomb. That's where I was doing most of my make up work. When I finally got a full time job, I wasn't able to work as a make up artist as much for them, but now I am making time! VVS is holding weekly workshops working with different lighting and themed shoots. The workshop that I attended was "Abercrombie&Fitch" inspired. All workshops are taught by the one and only BOBBY DEAL. check out his stuff and the studio on the link I posted! More pictures to come! I hope you like 'em!


  1. Ah! I really love the last two. Like you, I have dreams becoming a photographer. I think the only difference is, YOU'RE BACK HOME IN VEGAS! I'm just moved away from there and it kills me how much better the opportunity is THERE than where I'm currently living. But I guess everything happens for a reason sooo... I can wait to see more of your work. I hope you can share a little sumthin' sumthin' from your workshops. ;) Good luck doll! A talent like you will be selling images for mags in no time!


  2. You are so talented! I am so proud of you. I loved ALL your pictures! Like make-up you also have a natural talent for this. This is only your first photo shoot and its better than a lot of people that have been working towards this for some time! I cant wait to see what is to come:)
    Love you!

  3. I think these shots came out so amazing..they look so professional..I think you have a talent within should really go for it...I wish you the best of success!! XOXO

  4. I like the shot but I wish her nails were natural they kind of dont fit the theme. Great job I love your passion!

  5. wow i love it looks professional