Monday, April 26, 2010

My Favorite Vegas Club!

My favorite asian fusion grub, Wazuzu @ Encore.

Rissrose on her 26th Bday.


Ne-yo is always at XS :)

I am always getting tweets, comments, emails, and suggestions to places to go to while in Vegas. Here is the answer I give every time... "COME TO XS" Really guys, its so nice and its huge! It opens up to outside, which means that you can breathe! LOL Most clubs are closed off and stuffy, in my opinion. As soon as you walk around the corner from the entrance, the picture right above is what you see. Its seriously amazing. During the summertime you can get in the water outside. XS outside portion, is actually the pool during the day. I believe the European part. Sundays is the pool party night <3

Ive had several girls nights out, and this seems to be the place that we prefer most! I mean, it may help that we know people, but its the best club in Vegas. The doors open at 10pm. Which if you don't have a table reservation, you are probably gonna want to get there at 9:30 so you don't wait in the huge line it accumulates! My suggestion is if you are gonna go all out in Vegas, get a table. Bottles start at $450 for vodkas, but between a group of you, its less expensive than buying one drink at a club ($15-20)

...And please, always remember to tip your waitress ;)


  1. omg i'm so excited to go to vegas with my girls in june! i go at least 5 times a year but always with a mixture of boys and girls. i hear it's more fun with just girls! :) we're def gonna hit up XS! <3 the pictures!

  2. Jen you must tell me when you come! Ill stop by and say hi!!

  3. i so need to hit up vegas asap!! love the photos!

  4. We stayed at the Encore last summer, the rooms are beautiful. Better that the new Aria, I think. There was a huge line in front of XS. We'll have to try to see it next time.

    You look sp pretty. I know you're taking the pics now, but you sure do look good in front of it .

    Rhianna's eyes freak me out, like spooky way.

  5. happy belated birthday lovebug! :)

  6. i most definitely will! :) can't wait!! woohooo vegas!!