Friday, March 26, 2010

Make up battle @Blush nightclub @ Wynn

So the theme of this one was barbie inspired. The girl with the pink bikini thing was supposed to be "Lady Gaga" barbie. ??? And the Marge Simpson..... Great turnout, but I dont remember there being a Marge Simpson Barbie?? All artist had one hour to make up thier barbie inspired looks. It was hosted by Rain cosmetics which does a lot of work here in Vegas. I have actually thrown the idea around of working for them. But we will see how that one goes.... Im not really sure who won or what they won because I ended up leaving. I went with my sister and well, I guess I had one too many skinny B's.. ( I actually only had 2, but they were talls lol) And to be quite honest, it was hard to watch the make up with it being in a nightclub scene. It wasnt inside, it was in the outside part and I get so cold!! Anywho, hope you liked the pictures! This Event actually inspired me to do what I love. I saw those MUAs and thought to myself, "That should be me" and I hate that feeling.... Just goes to show, I need to be doing it. PUSH YOURSELF MARISSA!